E​liana Homes

414 - 301 - 4709
Oak Creek
Mt. Pleasant
Our Adult Family Homes are facilities that are independent of each other and at the same time, are INVOLVED together as a community for special events.  

Precious friendships are formed, social skills in a community setting are developed; for some of our clients, our community becomes their FAMILY.

 Much like any family, we seek to provide opportunities for fun, laughter, acceptance and growth in a SAFE environment.

​Our vision is to support the residents and their families in their choice for provision of care by building strong partnerships with residents, their families/guardians, and with the community support system.

We promise to provide a standard of living upholding these core values: Faith, Integrity, Dignity, Professionalism, Compassion, and Serving the Community

Eliana Homes, Community Assisted Living, is owned and managed by Gayle Millis, LPN.  She brings over 25 years of experience in the medical field.  She has worked in Long Term Care, Sub Acute Rehabilitation, worked as a Wound Care Certified Nurse, Respitory Care Specialist, Hospice, and Assisted Living in a Home Setting. 
"I believe that everyone deserves to have quality care their entire life. I understand the demands of trying to be a caregiver for your loved ones on a daily basis, while trying to maintain your work, home, and family."

Member of WAALA since 2011 http://www.ewala.org